DEX designs and delivers deals that create value. We do two things, and two things only:

Sell side advisory

We partner with successful Dutch entrepreneurs to sell their companies.

‘Roadmap to exit’ is our signature approach where we use a unique but proven approach to start preparing for a potential sale of a company well in advance. Together with the business owner we develop a plan to maximize value creation, optimize strategic positioning and remove potential hurdles for a successful sale of the company. The preparation phase is not time consuming, but the insights gained and strategic actions taken during this period make a big difference during the transaction phase, leading to greater success rates and higher values. With all our mandates we work closely with our Globalscope colleagues from around the world, which gives DEX international M&A the ability to approach a wide range of international buyers for Dutch companies.

Buy side advisory and expansion strategies

We support companies to grow via acquisitions and advise on their expansion strategies.

We are most effective when working for companies with a growth objective, who have the financial means and managerial capacity to pursue that objective, but lack the specific in-house skill set and network that international business development and M&A require. Typically, these are medium sized companies (euro 25-500 million revenues). We are an effective and efficient partner for these companies and are able to deal with any required tasks in a flexible way. Our world-class international network and relationships enable us to realize acquisitions virtually anywhere in the world with the help of our local partners.

Our management activities for the entire sell – or buy side process include:

  • Establishing transaction scope, objectives and feasibility
  • Strategic planning and preparation
  • Identifying and contacting targets
  • Company valuation
  • Preparing presentation materials
  • Negotiating Letter of Intent / Heads of Agreement
  • Project management of due diligence
  • Legal contract review
  • Project management of closing process

To be able to maximize our added value, we strive for long term relationships with a limited number of clients.