Globalscope hosts succesful international conference in Milan, Italy, and welcomes two new members

Globalscope Partners Ltd., an international M&A network, is pleased to share the news of the successful expansion of its international partner base to 53 members in 43 countries.

At the 21st semi-annual conference, hosted by Benedetti & Associates and Palladio Corporate Finance, more than 85 delegates met in Milan to discuss deal opportunities, hear from local industry and M&A experts, meet local investors and develop the network. The programme opened with an M&A cocktail party at Palazzo Visconti where Globalscope members met with Milan’s top Private Equity representatives, and heard from Erik F. Nielsen, Global Chief Economist at Unicredit. The 2½ day conference programme incorporated best practice presentations on marketing, integration and collaboration within the network, and working with PE firms. In addition, the Globalscope group also undertook briefings on the Italian economy, and M&A in Italy from law firm CBA Studio Legale e Tributario. The whole event was set in historic surroundings, the gala dinner being held at Palazzo Cusani, which was preceeded by a tour of Terrazza Duomo 21, the halls of which include Mussolini’s private office in Milan. Globalscope sector experts met with their teams and updated the network on the current trends and completed transactions, whilst all participants utilized the one -to-one deal meetings with Globalscope peers on behalf of their clients.